Free Download Plus Guide How To Reset Epson L3118

As you know the Epson L3118 inkjet printer line is one of the A4 printers widely used in the market, this is a new model that is improved and replaced by the old machines before, with computers. The printing, scanning, and copying capabilities make the customer segment very wide such as office blocks, small and medium companies, families ...

However, after a period of printing, using the Epson L3118 printer continuously, memory overflow error will not be avoided, the printer will flash 2 lights (paper light and ink light) blinking at the same time, but on the computer "A printer ink pad is at the end of its services life. Please contact Epson Support", if this error is correct, please set up a reset for the printer to use normally.

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First, to reset the Epson L3118 printer, you need to download the Reset counter Adjustment Program software, according to the link below: Download Epson L3118 Resetter Adjustmen Program

Using RESET Software Epson L3118 Printer Permanently
Step 1: download Resetter AdjProg Epson L3118
Step 2: Particular adjustment mode
Step 3: Waste ink pad counter - OK
Step 4: check box Main Pad Counter - Check
Step 5: Main pad counter, Initialization - OK
Step 6: Turn off the printer and restart the printer - OK.

Demikianlah Panduan Tutorial Cara Reset Printer Epson L3118, selamat mencoba dan semoga berhasil