Guide how to reset Epson M1100-M1120 Printer

The Epson M1100 and M1120 series printers are two monochrome printer models with extremely fast printing speeds that replace the current laser printers, but these 2 printers after a certain printing time can not avoid asking. Counter overflow error flashes two lights need to reset.

Do not worry too much that there is a full key version of Reset Epson M1100, M1120 counter Adjustment Program.

First of all, you just need to download the software Reset Epson M1100, M1120 at:
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Reset software Epson M1100, M1120 AdjProg Adjustment can run on all win (OS) offline: Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, or Win 10 currently (32 bit and 64 bit).

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Instructions to reset printer Epson M1100, M1120 latest

To prepare the reset for Epson M1100 and M1120 printer, you need to power on the printer and download the reset software to your computer first

1. Download Reset Software AdjProg M1100, M1120
2. Power on the printer Need to reset
3. Select a Particular adjustment mode
4. Reset Waste ink pad counter - OK
5. Check box Main Pad Counter - Check
6. Main pad counter, Initialization - OK

Note: After completing all the above steps, turn off the printer and turn on the printer again - Reset is successful.

You can reset your Epson M1100, M1120 at home according to the instructions (Image) below:

Step 1: Right-click on the Reset M1100_M1120 Adjprog .exe file and run Run as administrator

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Step 2: In this picture, select “Particular adjustment mode” and complete you

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Step 3: Select "Waste ink pad counter" and select "OK" as shown below

an image

Step 4: In the "check Initialization" section, check "Main pad counter" and click "Check"

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Step 5: You accumulate "Main pad counter", then press "Initialization"

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After completing all the steps to resetter the EPSON M1100 & M1120 black-and-white inkjet printer, you need to turn off the printer and turn it on again to check if there is still 2 red lights "ink and paper light" blinking.