Guide How to Reset Canon PIXMA PRO-100

The software to reset Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Canon PRO-100s printer is used when the red light blinks 7 times (alternately) and on the computer, it will display the 5B00 error code, you just need to download the software by the way The link shares below is that you can reset your home screen without having to take it to the repair shop.

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Software to reset Canon pro 100 printer error 5b00 and error 1700 canon error 5b00 or 1700 is easy

How to reset the printer Canon PRO-100 & Canon PRO-100s error 5B00

First, to reset the Canon PRO-100 & Canon PRO-100s color printer, download the software from the link: Free Download Canon Pixma PRO-100 Resetter

To enter Service Mode of Canon PRO-100 & Canon PRO-100s 
  1. Turn off the machine but do not unplug. 
  2. Hold the paper button (arrow) and hold down the power button. 
  3. Continue holding the power button and release the paper button (arrow). 
  4. Press the Paper button 5 times, and then release the power button. 
  5. You will see 2 lights no longer blinking, at which time your Canon PRO-100 is in Service Mode. 
Note: wait until the power light (Power) is still.

Continue: then open the downloaded Canon V5302 service tool software of the window will display in the following figure: Name and a Serial number of the machine will appear.

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When you enter Service mode of Canon PRO-100 - Canon PRO-100s printer (remember the power light must be still), now you should pay attention to (1) Ink Absorber Counter Absorber: you Select "Main" to the right of the Counter Value (%), choose 0 and click Set to reset, the window will appear and click OK

Continue In the section (2) "Clear Ink Counter" Absorber you select "Main" to the right of the Counter Value (%) 0 you select "Set", the D mode will be set to = 0 Click "EEPROM Save" to check the results, and press EEPROM to let the printer print out the test.