Some tips on how to easily clear cache on iPhone

Are you an iPhone user? Surely, right, get annoyed when the storage memory is full? Or, do you feel right now? The full storage memory on the iPhone is not uncommon as this device does not provide an external memory slot like most Android phones.

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When the memory is full, you may choose to delete a lot of files until the application is uninstalled less important. But, there are other ways you can do it.

To free up some RAM space, you can clear cached data. If you don't know how to clear the cache on your iPhone, ApkVenue will explain below. Listen, yes!

What is cache? Should it be removed?

Before you start discussing how to clear the cache, it's a good idea to understand what caching is.

As you may know, the cache is waste data that must be disposed of. However, clearing cache has both advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to know what cache is and why it should be deleted from iPhone, you can see the explanation in the following article.

How to clear the cache on iPhone

In fact, you can clear the cache on iPhone directly without any additional apps, and with the help of cleaning apps.

But in this article, ApkVenue will discuss how to clear iPhone memory with a clear cache without additional third-party applications.

Let it get weird again, just read how to clear cache data on iPhone below. She is fine, yes!

1. Release the iPhone cache via the Safari browser

After all, who isn't familiar with Safari? The default iPhone browser application is indeed very popular with a user interface that is quite attractive, gang.

Well, the easiest way you can do to clear the iPhone cache is to clear the cache in the Safari app first. Here are the steps.

  1. open the Settings menu on iPhone. Scroll down until you find the Safari app.
  2. Under the Privacy & Security tab in this app, you can directly click Delete History & Website Data.
  3. Later, a pop-up will appear, click on Clear History & data to start clearing the cache of the Safari app.
  4. Done,  Now, all safari cache has been cleared and iPhone device storage memory will be more relieved. Practical, right?

2. Release the iPhone cache via the application data file

After removing the Safari cache, you can move on to the next step, which is clearing the iPhone app cache.

Of course, this method will have a huge impact on dumping cache data on the iPhone and may make the memory looser.

  1. open the Settings menu then select the general menu.
  2. Click iPhone storage. After opening, you will see many applications that have been installed. You can also view detailed information on each application, from the last date it was used to the capacity of the application.
  3. Well, here you can find the apps taking up the most storage space. Click the application.
  4. Then, click Offload Application. On the pop-up page, you can also immediately click the offloaded app to start deleting the app.

Keeps calm down, gang. The application offload feature is indeed a mode that automatically removes applications that you rarely use.

However, even after the application has been deleted, the application data and documents are still stored and can be used again after the application is installed again.

If you want to define your own app which will clear cache with the app offload feature, you can follow the method by simply clicking on app settings.

You can also apply this method in some of the best iPhone applications, such as WhatsApp, Line, Instagram, or in games like Mobile Legends.

3. Release the cache of the iPhone by restarting the device

Finally, there is the simplest way to clear the iPhone cache, namely by restarting the alias turning it off, and then restarting the device.

But, how to turn off iPhone on iPhone 6 to 8 designs and models is different from turning off the latest iPhones like the iPhone X and 11, gang.

Want to know about how? You can quickly check out the article on how to turn off perpetual and anti-complicated iPhone in the following article.

Now, after knowing how to turn off an iPhone, you can turn it on immediately, gang. It's really easy, right?

With the three ways to clear the iPhone cache that ApkVenue described above, iPhone storage memory will be more relieved.

Apart from that, it's easy, this method has also proven effective in creating cached data that fills up your iPhone's memory.

How to Add iPhone Storage

apart from clearing cache on your iPhone, you can also increase the storage capacity of your iPhone in several other ways.

For those of you who are curious, you can check out the following article on how to add iPhone storage so that you can save lots of files more freely.

Those are some ways to clear the cache on iPhone to increase storage capacity while maximizing performance. You can also choose what apps you want to clear cache, especially apps that are enough to eat up storage on your device.