Guide on how to register for Indonesia Website Award

Nowadays the need for a website is very important for either personal or business needs. By having a website, your business is easier to find and can bring customers anytime and anywhere. The types of websites that are often found, for example, are company profiles, websites, government, eCommerce, blogs, news, and others. But once you build a personal website or a business website with a really outstanding design and also with good SEO, there is nothing special to gain apart from high traffic or increased revenue.

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this time you can have the opportunity to gain website appreciation and appreciation by registering your website at IWA 2021. Competing websites with the types of personal websites/blogs and business websites. Want to know more about what Iwa is, why should you take part and benefit? Let's read to the end

What is Iwa?

The Indonesia Website Award 2021 (IWA), as the best website award specifically dedicated to Digital Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia, held by Exabytes Group, which is one of the largest web hosting service providers in Southeast Asia. Aims to reward the performance and creativity of web developers, web designers, and digital SME owners in Indonesia.

The Indonesian Website Awards (IWA) were first held in 2016, and have been held twice in Indonesia. Even website awards events have been held in Malaysia and 2 times in Singapore. This award is intended, one of which is to provide support and appreciation for helping the development of the digital economy in Indonesia.

Apart from that, this event is also held to appreciate the performance and talent of the WebMasters, web developers, web designers involved. Well with this event we hope that Indonesian websites are moved to build their websites better in terms of website design, content, SEO, and user-friendliness.

Why should you join?

There are many things that you can get if you take part in this event. If you register your website with IWA 2020 then the web meets the terms and conditions, then your website will be displayed on the IWA website which indirectly has a positive impact on your website/brand. Your website is better known to others. Apart from that, you can also get backlinks for free if your website meets the terms and conditions.

At the top of the program, you will be invited to attend the event and there will be sharing from the experts all over the website, SEO which will add to your knowledge and also get to know other contestants. There are many benefits that you can get. So for those of you who have an SME website, personal or business website, simply register your website at IWA 2020.

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each year the IWA awards 35 WebMasters, web developers, and talented web designers. This award is divided into three, namely site of the month, site of the year, and public favorite website award. The winner categories are divided into three categories, namely personal, SME / commercial & e-commerce. In addition, IWA provides prize money totaling tens of millions of rupiah for award winners.

How to Register a Blog at IWA?

It is very easy to register a Blog for the IWA 2021 Program, here are the steps:

1. Visit the Official Website Indonesia Website Award then Click REGISTER NOW

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2. Fill in the Registration Form which includes your Website or Blog Data to be Registered
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3. Fill in your identity form as a website/blog owner
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4. Click REGISTER after completing the Registration Form
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5. Done, Your Submision Was Sent Successfully Notification Appears. Thanks You After submitting registration, you will receive a message from IWA via an email message informing you that the registration was successful and will be verified immediately by the IWA Panel of Judges.
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registration will be verified by the IWA Judge Panel and the IWA ranking system. Email notification of registration/website approval will be sent to you (approved or not approved). Now you just have to share your website with your friends and get as many "votes" as possible. Leave the rest to the jury to evaluate your website.