Secrets of the difference between HDC and Original iPhone

Have you ever heard of the term HP HDC or iPhone HDC? For some users, this real phone, but this fake may be familiar. But for those who do not know, we will try to explain what HDC is and how to distinguish it from the original.

HDC is short for drawing mobile copy, if it is easily interpreted HP HDC is a replica cellphone or KW cellphone. The appearance of the iPhone HDC in terms of the menu is very similar to the iPhone Ori. Most of the phones copied or on the replica are expensive premium phones.

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how do you differentiate iPhone HDC from ORI? It is physically difficult to distinguish the iPhone HDC from the original because it is so similar.

But there is no need to worry because we will explain how to distinguish the original iPhone HDC complete with the type of iPhone which is the most HDC version or a replica.

The iPhone is often the target of HP HDC because it is always enabled in the market and also has a high price. So many HP HDC manufacturers are looking for opportunities with the same form and content but cheaper.

In monitoring our online sales, several iPhones which are many replica versions including iPhone 6 HDC, iPhone 7 Plus HDC, iPhone 8 Plus HDC to the latest such as iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12.

What makes consumers tempted and finally deceived by the property of the iPhone HDC is sold at a fairly cheap price far from the price of the Ori iPhone where the official iPhone price is usually priced up to tens of millions of rupiah. But what should be considered is that even though it is cheap but HP HP buyers will suffer a loss.

One of them is there is no warranty. Then the HP HDC always has firmware that is not very clear, vulnerable to malware, and also a performance that can be said is not very good.

Tips for Distinguishing the iPhone HDC and the Original iPhone

There are ways you can do to find out if the iPhone is a genuine product or the iPhone HDC. Here are some of them.

1. App Store.

The easiest way to spot the differences in the iPhone HDC and ORI is by looking at the App Store feature. Usually, HP HDC uses Android features, which is a customized Google Play store that is similar to the App Store. It's easy if you are very observant of the menu and features on the iPhone HDC.

2. OS.

Next, pay attention to the iPhone OS section. iPhone HDC is equipped with an android system with a modified appearance so that it is very similar and almost the same as the iPhone appearance. Whereas the original iPhone or the manufacturer's output always uses the iOS operating system.

3. iTunes.

The introduction of iTunes to other devices can also be used as a way of differentiating iPhone iPhone iPhone HDC and ORI. Because usually the HP HDC iPhone cannot always be connected to other devices.

4. Material

Always pay attention to the output material of the iPhone you want to buy because usually the ORI iPhone always uses very good materials. But for the iPhone HDC always uses plastic material.

5. Warranty

Every cellphone always has an IMEI. So for those of you who want to see the iPhone phone that you are going to buy or not to check for the first time related to the IMEI of the iPhone.

6. Screen

At this point, you should compare it to screens from other iPhones as it will be very obvious the difference in retina display when compared directly to other iPhone phones.

7. Use the screenshot button

The iPhone ORI usually uses the button and the home button at the same time for the iPhone HDC can't do a screenshot with the button.

8. Price

When you find the latest iPhone phone at an affordable price you can suspect that it is the iPhone HDC. Due to this so far, the official iPhone releases are officially selling at below-market prices.

9. Features and specifications

Usually, the features and specifications possessed by the iPhone HDC are only similar, they cannot even exceed the iPhone ORI.

10. microSD slot

If you find an Apple product that has a MicroSD slot, you can be sure that the device is an iPhone HDC, because the ORI version doesn't have a microSD slot.

Don't be tempted by cheap prices

That is an explanation of the HP HDC, especially the iPhone HDC which is rampant in the market. Including how to distinguish your iPhone HDC from the original iPhone complete with the iPhone series that has many HDC. This is very important so that you are not fooled by cheap HDC iPhone price offers. I hope this helps!